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    The Blackmaxx Shoulder Pad

    Preis:  110.00EUR
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    Product information "The Blackmaxx Shoulder Pad"


    • General purpose shoulder pad for all positions
    • Sized for High School or Junior High athletes
    • Two layers of foam, heat sealed for added shock displacement
    • Padded nylon taffeta body and neck collar
    • 1-1/2" vinyl buckle to secure pad in place
    • Metal eyelets for laces, zip lock closure
    • Sizes:  S-XXL
    • Order Code: BTSH45
    • Sugg. list price: € 110,00


    Sizing Chart:


    Size                              Chest                             Shoulder 
    S 32-34" 17-18"
    M 34-36" 18-19"
    L 36-38" 19-20"
    XL 40-42" 20-21"
    XXL 44-46" 21-22
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