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    Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le lundi 29 dcembre 2014.

    YOORNA Pro Socks

    Price:  6.00EUR
    [inkl. 21% MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten]

    Options :

    Gaiters ont une forme anatomique particulière et coudre à plat. Ils fournissent un ajustement optimal de pieds. Matériaux de haute qualité (polypropylène) offre le confort de port et délicat d'absorption des chocs.

    Composition de matériau:

    polpirpoylen 95%
    gumitex 5%




    Products made of Prolen ® fibres are innovative solution, levelling the unpleasant feeling of sweat. The water absorption rate by Prolen ® is close to zero (only 0,01% with the humidity of the air of 65% and the temperature of 20°C. Prolen ® transports moisture out or into another absorbent of yarn from which it slowly evaporates, the direct contact of Prolen® with skin eliminates sweating and leaves the skin dry and odourless and provides a perfect balance between the temperature and the moisture even in the most extreme conditions. The right flow of air through capillary vessels makes the optimal condition between the skin and the socks. Thanks to the knot effect, Prolen (R) transfers the body surface moisture to another absorbing layer and gradually emits it to the air.



    • Very high stretching persistence
    • Total biological persistence to bacteria and mould
    • The products are light but endurable
    • It has high elasticity, perfectly fits the leg, not causing pressure at the same time
    • The yarn is certified by the OTO-TEX institute
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